Telangana Forest Officers trapped pangolin poachers

pangolin scales caught telangana india

Pangolins are the most trafficked animals in the world.Their are sold to international illegal markets.China plays major role in this illegal trade.

Pangolin China Medicene

On Friday , upon information Forest Dvisional Officer of Kinnersani Wildlife Division did a sting operation. FDO approached as buyer and spoke to a man named Ashok and decided to meet at Yellandu Crossroads,Kothagudem to buy 1Kg of pangolin scales.

On the same evening two people,Manikanta and Shabbir arrived at the location and gave half kilo of pangolin scales to the undercover forest officer in a bag. Immediately rest of the team sprung into action and caught both of the culprits.

During the investigation it is revealed that Manikanta and Shabbir belongs to Jagganadhappuram of Mukalpalli mandal.They also said these scales were given to them by Ashok.

Following day Forest Department team raided Ashok’s residency in Jinnelagudem of Mulkalapalli mandal. Ashok’s mother revealed that she bought the scales from neighbors who killed the pangolin four months ago and consumed the meat. She said that she bought the scales for Rs.3000 from them. Culprits will be produced to the Court soon by Forest Department.

This brought a widespread appreciation in animal lovers community.Many praised this perfectly executed undercover operation by Forest Department.

Pangolins are highly protected animal according to law. China recently released that Chinese government officials removed pangolin scales from their traditional medicines.

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