Pregnant Elephant dies after drinking poisonous water

Elephant died

Cruelty towards wildlife is rampant in India. Few days ago a pregnant elephant was brutally killed by people using a cracker stuffed fruit. Now a 20 months pregnant Elephant is dead cause of a liver disease in Surjapur District of Chattisgarh. Drinking contaminated water could be the reason for the liver disease.

Pregnant Elephant died

On Monday Evening Villagers of Ganeshpur heard an elephant roar in nearby forest in Pratapur division. Next day morning they found a elephant lying dead. Upon recieving information given by villagers forest officials reached the spot. Dr Mahendra Kumar Pander confirmed that an elephant along with its 20 month old unborn baby calf are dead due a liver infection.After conducting post-mortem doctors were surprised to find nearly 150 cycsts inside the dead elephants liver.

A team of scientists and officers monitoring these elephants couldn’t identify the disease which the elephant is suffering from. Animal activists said “if identified in right time the elephant along with its unborn calf could have been saved”.”A Team scientists monitoring these elephants left the project 15 days ago. They didn’t report any sickness of elephant, they jus reported the route maps of elephants” said SS Kanwar, CF, Surguja Division.

Annually 2 Crores rupees were spent for Conservation of Elephants in these forests. But still 22 elephants have died in this district in last 5 years of various reasons.

Forest Department and Government should clean the water bodies regularly to keep the elephants healthy. This can avoid any future accidents. India should find better measures to protect this majestic species by having better conservation efforts.

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