200cr Project halted to save Pythons in Kerala

Python Eggs found Kasargod Kerala

A Solar Plant construction was halted when workers found 36 python eggs at the site.

In Kasargod,Kerala a solar Power plant is under constructions.This 200 Crore project was taken up by Tata Power Solar. This project will provide 50MW of electricty. TATA Power Solar started the project in February this year.

Tata power solar kasargod

In May , construction workers found 36 unhatched eggs while working. They informed forest department and demanded to remove the eggs from the site. “Construction Workers requested us to remove the eggs from the site. As our team went to the site we spotted 36 eggs of pythons. We requested to halt the construction work for 10 days to give time for the eggs to get hatched” said Anil Kumar, Kasargod Forest Range Officer.

Anil Kumar said that workers were not happy with decision initially but later aggreed to stop the work and wait for the eggs to hatch.

Python Hatchling Kasargod

After ten days Forest Department officials successfully released the python hatchlings in nearby forest on “World Environment Day” i.e on June 5.

“As the eggs were let to hatch in its natural habitat all of them got hatched. If they were relocated most of the eggs would have failed to hatch because of the change in habitat.We are so happy to see the pythons got hatched.And appreciate the support from the company who stopped the work for 10 days” stated Anil Kumar.

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