Wildlife experts demands lifting of the ban on elephant catching

The rapidly rising graph of man-animal conflicts and consequent fatalities have not only left UP’s wildlife experts but also lone elephant catcher Kamaal Sheikh, worried. Expressing concern over the scenario the experts recommended elephant-catching as the best possible way to curb the menace and have also approached the Union ministry of environment demanding lifting of the ban on elephant catching. He says it is time to check the fast-increasing population of elephants, which he claims will also minimise man-elephant conflicts.

Bhadauria, the ex-principal chief conservator of forests and former chief wildlife warden of Uttar Pradesh says the wild elephant population has crossed the threshold limit and, as a result, elephants often enter into human habitations in search of food. Bhadauria’s letter to the MoEF further recommends reverting back to former system of capture, training, taming and reopening private ownership of elephants, allowing riding them in zoos, and their export to zoos abroad where there is a great demand for Asian elephants, because it trains better and quicker than African elephant.

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