Wild Life Poachers using Goa as market of wild animal meat, organs

On these days Goa became target for poachers to illegally sell wild animals meat and organs. This Organs are traded in different parts of the country and worldwide. Wildlifers in the state said that various derivatives are being brought in Goa from different parts of India and the world to be sold here. Recently we helped the forest officials from Karnataka to nab culprits from Goa involved in ivory and hippo teeth import. Our department is working to prevent wild life crime and trading of organs in Goa says assistant conservator of forests Anand Jadhav.

Recently some persons are arrested for killing of wild animals. The will hunt the animals for hair, skin, antlers, meat, blood, nails. During monsoons, every year frog species like the Indian Bullfrogs are available as ‘jumping chicken’ on the menu of some restaurants and are sought by consumers a delicacy. Poaching and sale of sambar, wild boar meat is rampant in many areas of the state. Recent increase in demand for pangolin scales has become a major threat to this species.

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