Villagers angry over Elephant Attacks in Jamshedpur

In Jamshedpur, villagers in Chakulia block of East Singhbhum, who are upset with local forest officials for not doing enough to prevent regular elephant attacks, have now threatened to hold an agitation at the range office. Regarding this they submitted a letter to range officer Ashok Singh. They said elephants from neighbouring Bengal were testing their patience and were continuing to damage standing crops. Villagers feared coming out of their homes at night in view of marauding elephant herds.

The members of the samiti said they would hold an agitation at the range office if the foresters did not find a remedy to regular elephant attacks within a month. Job opportunities have shrunk due to Covid-19 and we are somehow managing to sustain our family with farming. But elephants are damaging our standing crops and wiping out vegetables. Range officer Ashok Singh said they were alert and trying their best to shepherd elephant herds to Bengal. “We are aware about the problems faced by the villagers. We are doing our best to prevent elephant herds from venturing into farmlands. Singh said they were operating with quick response teams to drive away elephants to Bengal. The forest range office has also distributed crackers among the villagers

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