Tiger Wandering in Manchirala creating Panic in District

Tiger Entry in Manchirala is creating panic in the district. The tiger, which hails from the Tadoba forest in Maharashtra, on Monday attacked Saikumar of Peddasiddhapur village in Bezur zone. Sai Kumar was returning from Siddapur to Gundepalli village in the Penchikalpet range for work on a two-wheeler. Sai noticed a tiger coming down the road from Papannapeta towards Bezurbeet. He immediately left the two-wheeler on the road and climbed the tree to save his life.

Two days ago, a tiger was spotted near Gollabhai pond by farmers of Siddapur Martidi village. Recently at Bhimanna forest in Bezur Range the authorities brought shooters along with doctors from Hyderabad and Warangal along with Maharashtra to capture the tiger and continued the operation for six days.The tiger has not been seen since. Locals are deeply concerned over the appearance of the tiger again on Monday. Forest officials are investigating whether this one is Maharashtra tiger which creating tension from three months or other new tiger.

Source: https://www.hmtvlive.com/telangana/again-tiger-wandering-in-manchirala-district-59781

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