Telangana: Leopard roaming at pahadi shareef area of hyderabad

The leopard, which making sleepless nights to telanagana forest authorities for three months, appears to have changed residence. It is believed that the leopard, which was playing hide and seek with the authorities, was roaming around the Shamshabad airport. CCTV footage showed a leopard leaping from the Shamshabad airport gate on Sunday night. It changed its residence and captured on Monday night in the vicinity of Mamidipalli, Jal Palli and Cargo Road under Pahadi Sharif police station.

Pahadi Sharif police are alerting the people of the area after the villagers provided information that a leopard was roaming. Pahadisharif mobile police, who were on duty last night, were alarmed when a leopard was spotted on a cargo road near Mamidipalli village. The Pahadi Sharif police alerted the locals to this extent. Forest officials were informed. The villagers are panic about the leopard roaming in thier areas.


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