Sushant Singh’s dog Fudge is not Dead

Sushant Singh Dog Fudge

On June 14 the young and most talented Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging in his residence at Bandra. Sushant Singh committed suicide by hanging himself. This news shook the whole world.Many people mourned his death, many shared their condolences through social media. Sudden demise of Sushant Singh left his his family in a deep shock.Not only his family but the actors pets also where found suffering on his absence. Photos of actor’s black Labrador named Fudge sadly waiting for him surface in internet which later became viral.

After few days another news about the actor’s dog Fudge passed away due to Sushant’s absence started spreading in Social media. And people believed this rumors and started feeling sorry for another tragic story.Unconfirmed reports said that the dog stopped eating and finally died.


But Sushant Singh’s close friends confirmed that these rumors are fake. They said “Fudge along with Sushant’s other dogs are fine and are at Sushant’s Pavna residence. Yes, the sudden absence of Sushant put a lot of stress on dogs but slowly they are recovering and now they are fine and eating well.”

Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gujjar tweeted few photos of Fudge trying to search for Sushant after his death became viral

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