Rumour Spreading of Two Lions Wandering in Nirmal District

As we know tigers and leopards have increased in Telangana recently. Along with many other districts, the leopard is also roaming in hyderabad also. It is known that the Airport staff said that a leopard had wandered near the airport runway. But now recently lions are also roaming in Telangana. There is a rumor that two lions are roaming around Bhainsa Mandal Pangri in Nirmal district. The people are fearing with this incident. Forest officials responded to the information of lions wandering and said people not to believe any rumors. They said the there is no need to be afraid. However, the people are still fearing about this rumour.

Authorities have already launched an operation to capture the tiger in Adilabad district. However, there is a break for the time being as the tiger crosses the state borders and entered the forests of Maharashtra. However, officials said that the leopard, which had recently roamed near the airport, was roaming in various parts of Hyderabad city. orest officials warned residents of the Hyderabad Old city to be careful. The leopard, which escaped from the Shamshabad airport area, was found wandering in the Pahadi Sharif area. Police also found a leopard roaming on Mamidipalli and Jal Palli roads. Forest department officials have been making efforts for the past two days to catch it.



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