Researchers discovered Smallest chameleon in the World

There are many wonders in nature. Small or large creatures or objects attract the attention of human beings. They also get special recognition. Currently, the smallest chameleon in the world has caught the eye of researchers. This color-changing creature came to light in Madagascar. It was discovered by a research team from Germany and Malagasy. Recognized as a male chameleon. In addition, Brooksia named it Nana. Scientists say it is the smallest of the 51 other species of chameleons ever found in the world.

Not only that.This very small is recognized as the smallest reptile in the world. The chameleon is said to be only 13.5 millimeters. This chameleon looks like a small toy that children can play with while holding it at our fingertips. Scientists say it is only 22 millimeters when measured from the nose to the tail. However, the female chameleon is taller than the male chameleon in this species. Its length is 29 mm, scientists said. Madagascar is home to rare species and scientists have so far identified more than 200 species in the region. Photos of this chameleon looking like a puppet are currently circulating on social media.


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