Pet Cats and Dogs showing Corona Symptoms will be quarantined

The corona virus has not yet subsided. The virus, which came from China, has infected many people. People are panicking as the virus spreads to humans as well as animals. Many countries have made the vaccine available to control the virus. The vaccine developed in India is giving good results. The vaccine is also being exported to several countries. There is a stipulation that people with corona infection must be in isolation. Also, the rules set for man are also enforced for animals. Recently new Sanctions implemented in South Korea.

The Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency have ruled that dogs and cats must be isolated if they are found to be corona-positive. If symptoms are present, corona tests should be performed on the animal immediately. If it turns out to be positive.Isolation should be kept. If Isolation is not available in the house, it should be kept in the places set up by the government.

Animals are widely bred in South Korea. About one-third of the population of 50 million keep pets in thier home. The country has made strict arrangements for virus control. 78 thousand 844 virus cases have been reported here. One thousand 435 deaths occurred. A cat in England was infected with the virus in the home in July.


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