Maharashtra forest department deploys unorthodox method to trap Tiger

The Maharashtra forest department has started an unorthodox method to trap an elusive male tiger who is believed to have killed eight people since January 2019. Since October 11, forest staff members are stationed inside two camouflaged cages near a trapping area located under a bridge. A calf has been left as bait for the tiger. The small cages are situated 40 metres away from the bridge. The employees are holding onto a rope pulling up the steel gate of the main cage that is to be used for trapping the tiger.

The plan is to pull the ropes the moment the tiger steps into the cage, shut the gate, and then mobilise the a team of veterinarians who will tranquilise the feline. At present, the forest department authorities are unable to spot the tiger during the day, said deputy conservator of forest Arvind Mundhe. The department has roped in 25 Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF) officers, 35 employees from the Central Chanda forest division and three veterinarians, each of whom will be assisted by seven staff members to catch the elusive tiger.

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