Leopard creating stir in Kamareddy after crossing a car on the road

Fear of tigers continues to haunt in Telangana State. The tiger wandering in some areas are creating stir in the people. Although its been searching for days to trace the tiger there is no result. No trace of the tiger was found in the Kumrambheem forest. Against this a leopard roamed the Kamareddy district. A leopard roamed the outskirts of Kankal village in Thadwai zone. Recently a tiger came across a car on the road and fled. Immediately they informed the villagers. The leopard was roaming and advised everyone to be careful.

Meanwhile, the villagers Complained the forest officials about the leopard. Forest Department officials immediately arrived at the scene and observed the leopard’s movements based on footprints. It is believed that the leopard went from Kankal towards Karad Palli. The people of the surrounding villages are in a state of panic with the leopard roaming. They are fearing to get out of the house. Forest officials are being asked to capture the leopard. So, the authorities have set up a cage to capture the leopard.

Source: https://tv9telugu.com/leopard-spotted-at-kamareddy-district-and-public-fear-with-leopard-393721.html

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