Jharkhand forest department rescued 15 camels illegally moving to Bangladesh

In a second rescue of camels in a month, the Jharkhand Forest Department seized a truck containing 15 camels, which decided to be sent to Bangladesh and arrested nine people who involved in this illegal trading. Forest officials say their “big challenge” is to find a place to keep the animals. The camel-carrying vehicle was coming from Haryana and had to be sent to Bangladesh on its way to Malda in West Bengal, officials said.

Authorities arrested a total of nine people, including three people traveling in a vehicle loaded with camels and six others who came to pay a bribe to the forest official who rescued the camel. Pakur Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Rajneesh Kumar said, “Fifteen camels were rescued between Tuesday and Wednesday night. Now, the big challenge for us is to keep these animals, because we have no special shelter for these animals or people trained to handle them. ”

Forest Hierarchy OfficerPakur, Anil Kumar Singh said, “I got a tip about smuggling camels during the middle of the night. I, along with my team, got there and rescued the animals. He said the driver, an assistant and a worker in the vehicle were arrested. “During the investigation, they said a heavy vehicle carrying camels was coming from Haryana. The driver, who was driving from Haryanagot off at Fatehpur Sikri in Uttar Pradesh and handed over the vehicle to another driver and his assistant.

The driver said it was his duty to drive to Malda in West Bengal,” Singh said. Singh added“On Wednesday morning, I got a call asking me to leave the vehicle by providing money. Six people in an SUV came to bribe me and gave me  20,000. We arrested a total of six people and seized the SUV and the bribe amount. The FIR registration process is ongoing.

Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/jharkhand-rescues-15-camels-says-lacks-trained-staff-to-handle-them-101612346819255-amp.html

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