Hyderabad: Birth Control Surgeries for dogs in GHMC

Baldia has finally focused on the prevention of street dogs starvation. With complaints coming in for several days on this issue, Dogs began taking steps to increase birth control surgeries. Dogs are being caught in areas where street dogs are more prevalent as well as in areas where dog bites are increasing more and coming to IPM and Fever Hospital. Where there are large numbers of dogs their offspring are growing even more. The dogs are being shifted to animal welfare centers in AmbarpetKukatpallyJeedimetla, LB Nagar and Chudi Bazaar for birth control surgeries.

Complainants are coming in that once the dogs have been taken for vaccination they are again being left in different areas rather than in the same place. With this, Baldia will soon be bringing an app called Animal Birth Control (ABC) to keep dogs brought from anywhere but to leave them same place. Dogs are videotaped while being captured, and the video is uploaded at the time of release after vaccination and birth control surgery. This app allows you to locate dogs in one place without leaving them in another. Baldia authorities are also enlisting the help of NGOs for Dogs Birth Control. They have to pay 1500 for the surgery.

He said the number would be further increased as they are currently performing up to 300 surgeries per month. The number of dogs in GHMC is declining compared to the past. Baldia veterinary officials say there were 6 lakh dogs in GHMC four years ago and now their number has risen to 3.60 lakh. Many NGOs are working together to address the problem of dogs.

Source: https://www.v6velugu.com/birth-control-surgeries-for-dogs-in-hyderabad/

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