Human Society International launching Farm animal protection programme

Human Society International/India(HSI) is raising talent and leadership potential in the field of agro-animal husbandry by launching India‘s first agro-animal leadership program. The effort will create key professional relationships between the sectors of animal farming, the environment and climate changenutrition and food security, public health and livelihoods. The Farm Animal Protection Leadership Program is a six-month program for 30 selected individuals interested in enhancing their impact on improving the welfaresustainability and livelihood of farm animals.

The program plays a key role in shaping leadership to support interdiction programs for the welfare of farm animals, the environmentpublic health and workers. Their leadership brings new energy and talent to the sector. Applications for the program, which begins April 2021, are open until February 21. HSI/India Managing Director Alokparna Sengupta said: “The Indian animal husbandry sector has historically been considered a movement of one or two issues, for example – companion animals and wildlife.

The protection of farm animals is at the intersection of environmental protectionmitigation of climate changenutritionfood and water security, public health, livelihood and labor welfare. The program brings together leaders from around the world and India and equips participants with technical coaching in the fields of agricultureanimal husbandry and allied fields. Leadership coaching is conducted by Dr. Monica Sharma, a 22-year veteran, to enhance leadership and competence at the United Nations.


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