Four Years old Girl Writes Heart Touching Letter to God after her Pet Dog died

If there are pets in the house, the whole house will be colorful. Therefore, the love on the pets for people increasing day by day. Especially in cities and towns dogs are considering as part of their family. They do not even hesitate to spend lakhs for their treatment if they get any health problems. Recently, a 4-year-old girl wrote a letter to God who was deeply emotional with the death of her pet dog.

Currently, the letter, posted on the ‘Heroes and Their Stories’ page on the American popular website Quora, has gone viral. Netizens are in tears after seeing this heartbreaking letter written to God by a 4-year-old pre-school student named Meredith with the help of his father. That pet dog, called Abbey, aspires to reach heaven and bring peace to its soul.

Let’s take a look at what that girl wrote in that tearful letter. “Dear God, do you take care of my dog? My dog ​​died yesterday. It was in heaven with you. I miss it so much. I’m happy. I hope you play happily with my dog. It loves to swim and play. I am also sending you a picture of my dog ​​through this letter. So, you can quickly recognize my dog. I can not digest the absence of the dog that plays with me every day now, ”wrote in Emotional letter.

Instead, she asked her father to post the letter she had written. Moreover, the letter affixed several stamps, realizing that it would take many stamps to go to heaven. However, many netizens were shocked to see the letter written by the child at an unknown age.



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