Four Years old girl finds dinosaur footprint on Wales beach

A four-year-old girl finds a dinosaur footprint “the best impression seen in Britain in a decade” on a beach in Wales. This unique discovery by Lily Wilder will help scientists understand how dinosaurs walked because they are 220 million years old footprints. While walking along a beach near Barry in South Wales, Lily Wilder spotted a 10 cm long dinosaur footprint 75 cm long. Independent reports say that the animal may have walked on its two hind legs and hunted small animals and insects. The Museum of Wales has shared a picture of a dinosaur footprint discovered by Lily Wilder.

According to Cindy Howells, paleontology curator at the National Museum of Wales, the dinosaur footprint is “the best specimen ever found on this beach.” “It was Lily and Richard (her father) who found the footprint. Lily looked at it as they walked and said ‘Daddy look‘. When Richard came home and showed me the photoit looked awesome,” said Lily’s mother Sally Wilder.

After Lily had discovered it, she obtained special permission from natural resources Wales to legally remove the footprint. The fossil will be unearthed this week and taken to the National Museum in Cardiff, where it will be preserved. “Its amazing care can help scientists learn more about the actual structure of their feet, because the care is as clear as showing individual pads and paw prints,” the National Museum Wales said in a statement.


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