Elephant massaging a woman with its trunk..Video Went Viral

There are many types of massages but no one has ever seen this variety of Massage by elephant. Yes this is true an elephant massages a woman with its trunk. This video has gone viral on social media now. The highlight of it was the woman was smiling and enjoying herself without any fear of being massaged by the elephant. She was cool without even thinking about what the situation would be if the elephant hit hard. With this, the video is captivating the minds of netizens.

A woman lay quietly on the bed and the elephant massaged her with its trunk. The Elephant massaged the woman legs from head to toe. Everyone is shocked to see this video. Some are even afraid. By seeing this video some people said that what will happen if the elephant hit the woman hardly with trunk. A man named Aamir posted the video on Twitter and it went viral. Netizens are pouring comments and likes for this video. While some are wondering and others are of the opinion that it is not right to do such massages with an elephant. Netizens are responded with various comments like this.

source: https://telugu.news18.com/news/trending/elephant-massaging-a-woman-with-its-trunk-video-goes-viral-krs-729220.html

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