Delhi Girl Travelled Around India with Her Pet Dogs in Train

Divya Dugar is a Delhi resident who works as a journalist in German and Russian TV. Whenever she could, she would love to travel around the country with her husband, Oliver Telly, a French national. One day an 11-year-old dog named Tigress‌ with a broken leg was spotted on the road and taken care of that Tigress. She also brought another pregnant dog from near the litter box and had intercourse to it. For it Marco Polo was born and it was also saved when it got seriously wounded . Marco Polo’s mother Pandey died in 2016. “I was shocked at the death of Pandey, who had been happy with us until then, she said. They wanted to go to Goa as part of first trip. However, the couple did a little research on how to take the dogs for about a month.

That is not possible in flight. Renting a car on the road is a costly task. They wanted to travel safely and cheaply by train. But is it permissible to take dogs on the train? How are the terms? Etc. were collected from the ‘Railway Pet Policy’. “Indian Railways has never made these things public but we later found out that the railway staff are pet friendly,” Divya said. Pets are allowed only in first class AC coupe on Indian Railways. Thus the first trip from Delhi to Goa introduced the new outside world to pet dogs. Successfully completed the tour. During these four years, the divine couple has toured many tourist destinations in the country with their pet dogs. Goa, Uttaranchal, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand … 52 trips have been made so far to various tourist destinations where the train is available.


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