charmi Kaur Showers Love on her pet alaskan malamut

Most of the celebrities are animal lovers. They love their pets so much. Dogs with special breeds are brought in from abroad and breed too. There are many types of pets in the Manchu, Mega and Akkineni families. Of all these, anyone should be shocked to see the Petnear Charmi. Is it a lion? Or a pet dog? That is to be doubted. It’s not like a normal pet dog. Charmi is emotional about her baby. A photo shared by Charmi last month has become a national wide trend. She kept a Caption My Baby with Prabhas and introduced Alaskan Malamoote to Everyone. n it, Prabhas look and that pet look went viral. Some people commented that this pet looks like Lion and the behind person also Lion.

Charmi recently shared another video. In it the tribe is mourning his nine-month-old baby. As much as the mother loves the children .. Charmi smirked as she kissed her pet with the same love. He says he absolutely loves the touch of his mother’s hand. This video is currently going viral. There are comments that the pet is not normal.


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