Cat locked in Container for two months without food and water

A Cat survived for two months without food and water has gone viral on the Internet. According to report Metro, Beverly and Paul Chapman of Cornwall are the owners of the cat, named Monty. When their cat disappeared they thought usually it roams outside and entered into Neighbours house. Sometimes Monty get into people’s cars and lorries and loved spending time at a local store.

When the neighbours said they have not seen Monty they owners were worried about the cat. They have not received any information about Monty in the first few weeks. And the owners lost their hopes without any information after seven weeks. But one day they got a message from a friend about the ‘Monty’ location. They came to know that her cat locked in shipping container by mistake. The Couple reached the container and brought Monty back to house. Now this video of cat released from container is doing rounds on social media.

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