Baldia should provide Awareness in Public to Take Pet dog Licence: Animal welfare activists

Thousands of dog bite cases are reported every year in the Greater Hyderabad Corporation. We actually think that dogs roaming in the streets are biting people. Along with them, pet dogs are also biting the people. Statistics show that 10 percent of every 100 bites occur in pet dogs. On top of all this Baldia is not letting go of his reckless tendency to change and implement his policy. Ten percent of people are not interested in taking home licenses for their pets even if they are issued.

In addition to the steps, Baldia is taking to keep street dogs from growing. The issue of issuing licenses to pet dogs is becoming a big issue. Baldia is not interested in getting these and enforcing the law. There is no awareness of people interested in raising them to take licenses. Lack of licenses leaves pet dogs without the opportunity to take action if bitten. If there were nearly four million street dogs in GHMC, it is estimated that there would be another one lakh pet dogs. No more than 2% of dog licenses have been obtained in the past 5 years. Animal welfare activists say the result will come if they carry out a massive program to capture dogs across the city, using advanced technology, and perform surgery on all of them.


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