Baby Shower Function to a Dog in Khammam district

It is common for pregnant women to conduct baby shower function. But it would be strange to do the same baby shower function to a dog. The strange incident took place in Khammam district. The family which taking more of their pet dog conducted baby shower function and proved their love on the dog. Nava Kumar and Asha, a couple living in NTR Colony in Sattupalli town of Khammam districtraised a small puppy a year ago. The dog is being raised more affectionately. They don’t even like to call it as dog. The pet was nicknamed as Steffi. Now for that Steffi baby shower function conducted grandly.

On the day of the affluent, a fine banquet was arranged for all who were on that street. Arranged a tent in front of the house and make a nice decoration. Relatives and friends were invited to Steffi baby shower function. The Navakumar couple gave a good dinner to the guests who came to the function.


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