58869 dog bite cases registered in kashmir ghati in ten years

It is shocking to receive 58,869 complaints of dog bites from one part of the country. It is surprising that so many complaints have come from the same area in a span of ten years. This is the situation in Kashmir Ghati in our country. Dog attacks are increasing day by day in Kashmir Ghati. In the last ten years, a total of 58,869 complaints have been received from people in different parts of the Kashmir Ghati about dog bites. According to this calculation, 16 complaints are received every day.

A total of 58,868 people have been bitten by dogs between January 2011 and 2021 according to the state health ministry. Srinagar has the highest number of complaints regarding dog bites. With dog attacks increasing day by day, people are trembling at the sight of stray dogs. Dr Salim Khan, an SMHS medical officer, said five to six thousand dog bite victims come to hospitals every year.

Source: https://telugu.asianetnews.com/national/jammu-dog-bite-cases-in-kashmir-58869-cases-registered-in-ten-years-bsb-qn65p2

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