100,000 kg Blue whale spotted close to Sydney coastline

A blue whale was spotted off the coast of Sydney, Australia last month, in what is believed to have been the third sighting of the endangered sea creature in these waters in over a century. The whale may have measured more than 25 metres (82 feet) in length and weighed over 100 tonnes (100,000 kg). According to Andrew Marshall, an NPWS ranger, the mammoth whale was sighted near the beach town of Maroubra, in New South Wales. Despite its large size, blue whales are mostly invisible even to experienced whale-watchers, Marshall claimed. “They are not often seen because they tend to live very far out to sea, their populations are widely dispersed and we have very limited data on its migration and critical habitat.”

A Sydney-based photographer named Sean K, was able to capture photographs of the majestic blue whale as it swam along the coast near Maroubra. “I’m speechless but could blurt out a million things at the same time,” the photographer wrote in a post shared on photo-sharing app Instagram.

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