Delhi Cops turns as warriors for animals

A Dehydrated Pigeon collapsed on roadside rescued by delhi police Police head constable and dropped at the care of Wildlife SOS, a non-profit organisation, for medical remedy. Veterinarians on the transit facility of the NGO handled the fowl and launched it after a few days. NGO has responded to almost 800 misery calls for the reason that lockdown. Most of the calls received from Police Management Room for rescuing snakes, birds, animals.

Residents also calling Police control room on recognizing an animal that’s injured or in misery. Wildlife activists stated that cops are saviours for animals in offering support to them. Speaking about this Kartick Satyanarayan, CEO and co-founder of Wildlife SOS, says we admire the police compassion in the cooperation towards rescusing animals. NGO deputy director also appreciated delhi police for thier support to savoir animals.

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